Chronicle [2012]

The “mockumentary” style of storytelling has always been linked to comedy and, most recently, horror. Filmmaker Josh Trank uses those techniques in his new, low-budget, sci-fi flick Chronicle. With inventive camera work and storyline, as well as a solid, practically unknown set of actors, Trank deals with themes that we’ve definitely seen before, namely in coming-of-age and/or superhero movies, but told in a fresh, organic way. These kids act and speak and live like real people, not cinematic stereotypes. Watching these teenagers discover and enjoy their newly acquired powers instead of wanting to save the world is certainly a breath of fresh air. Like life itself, Chronicle has its doses of action, drama and comedy. What it definitely could’ve used is a cleaner ending. The sloppy, unjustified climactic sequence had no place in what was shaping up to be an outstanding entry in the science fiction canon; it feels as if it was written by a 10 year-old. What a buzzkill.