Drive [2011]

Fast and the Furious for the art-house set, Drive is a visually striking look into the seedy LA underworld. A score by Cliff Martinez (Contagion, The Lincoln Lawyer) and a bunch of retro electronica tracks compose the soundtrack, arguably the best of the year. Still, I can’t help but feel that Drive fell a little short of its full potential. For the type of story presented here, it’s a bit lifeless and low on energy, in need of a jolt of power. The acting is another story: ubiquitous Ryan Gosling gives a wholly cool, restrained performance. Carey Mulligan’s subtle work is amazing and should be getting more attention this award season. The baddies didn’t do it for me, though. Ron Perlman plays it way over the top and, even with all the buzz surrounding his performance; I’m still not buying Albert Brooks as a mobster.