The Lincoln Lawyer [2011]

Managing to be both glossy and gritty, The Lincoln Lawyer is one of the most exciting (and stylish) films of the year so far.  Retro-meets-modern thriller is engrossing and unpredictable. Matthew McConaughey puts the bland rom-coms on hold for a minute to play Mick Haller, a man so charismatic and confident it’s scary. Besides McConaughey, the film boasts a terrific male cast that includes Ryan Phillippe, Josh Lucas, Michael Peña and John Leguizamo. This doesn’t mean The Lincoln Lawyer is without flaws. Funky soundtrack gives off a nice LA vibe but the awful flashbacks make this look like Miami. CSI:Miami, that is (or any of those terrible police procedural shows). The last act is completely rushed and it features one twist too many. Coming just a couple of minutes before the end, said twist is pointless and doesn’t move the plot forward in any way.