The Brothers Bloom [2008]

The Brothers Bloom possesses nearly every attribute I search for in a film: it’s whimsical, quirky and visually arresting. It features fantastic costume design and score. It’s very funny in an offbeat manner, and it’s brought to life by a magnificent cast: apart from Rinko Kikuchi (who basically prolongs her mute character from Babel), Rachel Weisz hits a career high and, if he hadn’t been nominated for this year’s Oscars, it would be safe to say that Mark Ruffalo is the most underrated actor ever. Now that I think of it, this film bears a resemblance to now-extinct TV show Pushing Daisies. But, as much as I love originality and beauty and great acting, I couldn’t bring myself to love this movie. Maybe it’s the overly intricate plot, I don’t know.