El Secreto de sus Ojos [2009]

Utterly winning Argentinean film has been setting records from the get-go. First Argentine film to be released on Blu-Ray, second biggest-selling film in that country, as well as the second entry from Argentina (and Latin America) to win the ‘Best Foreign Film’ Oscar. Veteran actor Ricardo Darín’s performance, in his 4th collaboration with director Juan José Campanella, is excellent, just as Soledad Villamil’s as Irene Menéndez Hastings, Benjamín Espósito’s (Darín) boss and love interest and Guillermo Francella’s as his alcoholic assistant and friend, Sandoval.

Too bad language can sometimes be a barrier. I have no doubt that if El Secreto de sus Ojos had been filmed in English, it would already be (or would be close to becoming) a classic. It has everything to be one. A dramatic, unpredictable and involving story. A believable romance. Unexpected (but gratifying) moments of humor. It’s easy on the eyes and contains great performances and impeccable directing. A thrilling action sequence.

A chilling and tense scene in which Benjamín and Irene share an elevator with the main villain is up to par with Hitchcock’s best suspense sequences. Excellent job by the makeup department, believably aging and rejuvenating the main characters in a story that spans 25 years. An unexpected and stunning finale is the perfect ending for this new masterpiece.