127 Hours [2010]

I bet the writers decided to name this film 127 Hours because it actually feels like you’ve been watching it for more than 5 days. In all seriousness, this is truly difficult to watch. An emotional rollercoaster that plays (marvelously, I might add) with your feelings. You’ll experience disgust, shock, empathy and relief in equal, intense measures throughout the film. The opening sequence somewhat echoes Slumdog Millionaire but, taking Aron Ralston’s inspiring true story, Danny Boyle has given life to something entirely different from the film that won him an Oscar a couple years ago. Stylish film has the look of an upscale car commercial (and that’s a good thing) and vibrates with a lively score by A.R. Rahman. God bless Aron Ralston for having the strength to carry on and Danny Boyle for having the balls to make this movie. James Franco carries the full weight of the film on his arms (no pun intended). What a performance! It only makes this suspenseful movie much more compelling, all the way to its climactic scene, which I got through thanks to a series of strategically placed pauses and by chewing desperately on a plastic cup. Man, did this film have an effect on me! Shaky, sweaty hands and teary eyes. Like Elizabeth Gilbert says, “it just unstitched me”. At the end, I was left, quite literally, sobbing. Gasping for air just so I could continue crying like a child that has just been stripped of his favorite toy. Never had I felt so touched, so moved by a motion picture. A tour de force and, for me at least, a life-changing experience.